Are you looking to purchase your first home (ask about our 5% home loan deposit options) or maybe you’re looking to upgrade from your current home? At Focus Broking Services, we can help you find a loan that is suitable for your situation.

With access to over 40 lenders, including the major four banks and non-bank lenders, we can find a loan option that truly suits you.

We have access to a various range of home loans products, such as:

Basic Variable Rate (Principal and Interest)
A basic variable loan generally carries cheaper rates, but they lack the extra features that you’ll find with a Standard Variable rate loan. A basic or ‘no frills’ loan is around 0.7% lower than a standard variable loan however you may encounter higher discharge fees if you choose to refinance the loan in the first three years.

Standard Variable Rate (SVR)
Standard variable rate loans are one of the most popular mortgage products in Australia. Standard variable rate loans carry flexible features such as offset facilities, redraw, extra repayments and the ability to split the loan however they generally have a higher interest rate.

Fixed Rate
A fixed rate is a great option for those seeking certainty. Due to the fixed rate, your loan repayments will be charged at the same interest rate for however long the fixed rate period is. This loan period is usually between 1 – 5 years

Split Loans
A split loan allows you to split your home loan between a variable and fixed rate at a ratio of your choice, giving you the flexibility of two loan types. This option allows you to enjoy repayment flexibility as well as certainty, all at the same time.

Interest Only Loans
Interest only loans (in Advance or in Arrears) are most commonly used during Construction Loans periods or for Investment Loans purposes.

A line of Credit (LOC)
A line of credit is an ongoing agreement between you and your lender which gives you access to a revolving amount of credit whenever you need it. With a line of credit home loan, any money you borrow is usually secured against the equity in your home. This product is for the well-disciplined, the advantage is you can direct credit your wages to this account, in turn, reducing the interest charged on your loan balance.

There are many loan features available and the most common options are:

  • Offset Facility: allows you to offset the amount of savings against your home loan balance
  • Redraw: allows you to access any available funds in the home loan (Fees may apply)
  • Rate Lock: allows you to lock in a rate for up to 3 months period before a loan settles (Fees may apply and set by the Lender)
  • Professional/Home Loan Packages: allows you to package your home loan or line of credit, credit card and additional discounts applied to your loan (Minimum limits apply). All for an additional annual fee

Please note that all Applications are subject to normal Lender credit criteria.

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