When was the last time you reviewed your existing home loan? At Focus Broking Services, we can review your existing home loan to ensure that it offers you features that match your current lifestyle.

With access to over 40 lenders including the major four and non-bank lenders, we can offer you a tailored loan solution that matches your financial goals. Our team will guide you through the entire loan process, ensuring you’re informed throughout the whole loan journey.

How does the Refinance process work?

  • We start with a confidential consultation at your home or work
  • You will be issued with a recommendation according to your financial goals
  • We will lodge an application for pre-approval with the chosen Panel of Lenders
  • A valuation is carried out on your property (fees may apply)
  • A final loan approval is issued, and loan documents issued
  • You are recommended to review the loan documents with an independent professional
  • The settlement is arranged with your current Lender
  • The new Lender will confirm in writing your new loan details and important information about the new home loan

If you’re looking for a loan that suits you, contact Tony on 0414 993 222 to learn more about how we can help you.


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